Gili Bliss

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What could be better, than a fresh, tropical Smoothie Bowl in the morning? Here's the answer - nothing!

As i said before the best place around the Gili Islands to have breakfast is Gili Bliss Cafe. They serve the best Coffee (with soy milk) if you want and the most amazing Smoothie Bowls, i have ever seen. The Cafe is located on the main road on Gili Air, approx 50 away from the harbour. There is one kitchen downstairs, where the sweetest girls prepare the lovely juices and fresh fruits. Upstairs you find a big balcony and another kitchen, where avocado toasts and other main dishes are made. Unfortunately.  I could not try any lunch, since i was always diving or elsewhere, but visit their Instagram and see for yourself! Or just try one of the healthy black burgers and fresh scrumbled egg menus. Also they offer a lot of different delicious pancakes.
I had breakfast there every single morning, directly after they opened and tried my way through all types of smoothie bowls and each was more delicious than the other. Still my favourite was the Dragon Bliss Bowl, which is made with pink dragonfruit!! This one is really popular and sometimes not available so better ask for it directly! Anyway each bowl was a sweet suprise and they are lovely topped with crispy homemade granola, different seeds and sometimes cocoa nips (my favourites). Added on top is perfectly cut fresh fruit, i still do not know how they make it so nice, have tried it several times at home as well. The food is amazing, but even nicer are the people. The owner Suki is one of the friendliest and most positive-attitude person i have ever met. She is so open-minded and a really good person, treating all her girls really nice and giving a lot of good and bliss to the people. Bless her! All of the girls working
there are super cute and they love, what they are doing. Some of them do not speak english so very well,but they make up for it with their kindness. If you want to offer something special, ask on the top floor, they will understand and translate for you! The prices for bowls variate between 50-90.000IDR (3,50-6€), you can get food cheaper elsewhere, but not as blessing!
If you need to load up your batteries and energy with positive spirit and amazing, healthy food you have to visit this fantastic place, more than once! 

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