Single Survival

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To travel single might sound weird and abnormal for a lot of people. Every time i go on vacation, people keep asking me "and who are you going with". And i keep always answering the very same thing: "I am going alone" - no comment.
People also consider it quite dangerous or risky to travel on your own, especially as a young women. But with the right planning, the only risk you take is LIFE!
I discovered through all my journeys, that i don't need someone else to appreciate and enjoy. Also i found out i am so more capable than i actually thought i would ever be.

So here are 7 Tips for you who want to travel SINGLE and HAPPY!

1) don't be scared - it might sound stupid but i always try to find excuses, not to book a journey... when i finally book it, i feel even more scared, but with good planning you can relax afterwards
2) be curious - if there is some good offer or you get inspired by instgaram or pinterest, just have a closer look and put places on your travel list, even if you can't go now, have them in mind
3) there are no limits - even with a low budget, one can achieve amazing trips, i will tell you how! How to travel moneywise(ly)
4) be open-minded - planning is really nice and making me feel more comfortable and it avoids the feeling of beeing alone while traveling, but consider that things can also change and be a tiny bit flexible (very hard for me)
5) inform yourself - beeing well informed about the place you are going to, makes you feel comfy and secure Better (over)prepare!
6) travel around - even if you 'only' go to a close country, make sure you will move around as much as possible. Seeing a new place every day will keep your vacation lively, beeing at the same beach for 3days can get really boring and that's where loneliness starts.
7) ignore others - pls ignore all comments or weird acting of people, that give you looks or judge you for traveling alone, they don't know what they are missing! 

First i always thought going alone is less fun, but i got used to it very fast, once i tried. The thing is that most of my friends already reserve their vacation for their partners, so obviously there was no space/time for me. I was tired of waiting and just did what i wanted to do. Suprise, suprise - a lot of my friends are actually getting jealous, because i am having such an amazing time on my own.

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