How to travel moneywise(ly)

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As many others i get to see those amazing pictures of travel bloggers on instagram and wherever, where they stay in the fanciest places, nicest 5* hotels, infinity pools.. whatever!
It can be so inspiring, i have to admit, but also very frustrating if you are a semi normal person, with a regular job and a limited income... traveling is actually not your job! 
So as i love planning to plan, i just came up with a strategy, that helps me to achieve my goals and travel a lot, lot this year.

1) Start saving early - it is very good to save some money every month, so in case you see a cheap offer, you can just book it.
2) Set a travel Budget - it is really good to set yourself a maximum amount you are willing to spent around the year for vacation, my budget is 5000€ this year, which is also a lot of money for me, but the point is to get as much out of this bunch as possible
3) Set your destinations and times- it is good to have a travel bucket list, so you can decide more flexible what places you will go to.
While doing your travel list, consider always the weather and high season periods, so you can spread your vacations evenly, i'll share mine with you below.
Gran Canaria -  6 Days February (it's actually high season during that period, but i wanted as much sun as possible, while taking short flight times)
New York - 5 Days May (it is always better to do City Trips in Spring/Autumn and May is just precisly before High Season)
Italy-Amalfi Coast - 2 weeks August/September (semi-high season, still manageable super cheap if you book in time and do quite a lot of research)
Carribean over Christmas and New Year? (This one is planned, but not booked yet)
4) Split your budget - also consider what price is really reasonable, compare what you can get for your money!
6 Nights New York City - 600 Euros (flights and AirBnB)
14 Nights Italy Amalfi Coast - 580 Euros (flights, AirBnB, Hostels and Hotel)
5) Know your needs - Of course you want to spend as less money as possible, but there are some standards that you might consider neccessary for your comfortness. I really prefer having a seperate sleeping room, but i can share kitchen and bath, because i take privacy as the privilige i treat myself with. So comparing air bnb and hostels with same price, i would always chose the private accomodation.
6)Try to spread your booking periods, you don't need to book all at the same time (only if you are quite late), as you also might not have all the money saved already (sometimes i book just flights on offer and take care for a hotel a month or two later)

It is always up to you, what you are willing to pay and what you expect to get for a certain price. My goal is to inspire you with different trips, that are worth their money and with different budgets for everyone. So i will be super honest and straight, when it comes to prices, since this seems so often not mentioned.

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