How to choose the right travel buddy

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I am known to travel alone, and thats true, for most of the time. It's not always like that. I already had some vacations with friends, some went good, others not.
Most important is really to find the right travel buddy for you. If you are an active person, of course it is good to have an active buddy as well, but it's not the main point.
I can be running 10k and my friend can be lying on the beach, if she wants, as long as we are both comfy with not hanging onto each other for all the time. How independent each of you is willing to be, is essential for your travel and peace during your time together.
Of course making compromises is a big issue during those travels as well. Some things you both may want to do, others not. Still vacation is not endless so you may not be able to do everything both of you want until it's over. So then it is super nice to have your independent buddy who wants to go to the beach one day, while you might be shopping somewhere else and afterwards you can meet up and you actually have something to tell each other.
Personally, i feel very uncomfortable traveling with a lazy pool-person. It can be nice to relax for a while of course, but as soon as one person gets bored, the tension is rising between you and it's just a matter of time until you fight. I mean, there is a reason why a lot of friends don't talk to each other anymore after vacation or why couples break up. Spending so much time with each other, sharing a room and privacy is getting super hard, except if you are so super similiar or one person is willing to adapt and give in.
Sotavento Beach Cub-Fuerteventura
Once i have been with a friend in Paris and she has had a crush on this guy back in Germany. So she was so super in love, that she booked a super expensive internet flatrate, in order to answer and text him every single minute. So when it was our last day and i suggested to walk around a bit in the quartiere notre-dame, all she wanted to do was sit by the river and chill, typing into her phone instead of talking to me. This was getting really boring for me, hellooo, its PARIS
Anyway i suggested that she could stay and sit there, while i would go around and explore a bit, promising to fetch her in one hour. She got so super mad at me, saying i don't understand her and we have been walking all the time and now she is tired and she didn't want to stay alone (it was her first stay in paris and she felt unsecure). Well, but why do I have to sit next to her and watch her chill and right, i did not really understand her problem, because she was anyway absent on her phone. So we got into fight and i left, being pissed, but soon relaxed because i could explore lovely Paris without a mourning lover for a short time. I fetched grumpy her, later on. We still talk to each other, but we both know that this was a once-and-never-again-thing.
What i learned from that is the very thing i just wrote before.
Know the independence of your buddy! Is she/he able to do stuff and enjoy activities alone? And are you? The more people join, the more tricky it gets, especially if everyone has different wishes and no one wants to do their things alone.
I went with another friend last year to Fuerteventura and we are quite similiar, both very into our things and some kind of dickheads. So i was actually fearing the worst, but it turned out so much better, since we where both really individual and happy to be on our own as well. She read her book, i went to an aqua class, some stuff we did together and sometimes we just didn't talk to each other for a few hours, but we were both super fine with it. None of us felt any pressure towards the other one, to be responsible for the others happiness or boreness.
This year i will go with a friend to NY. That trip was originally planned to be on my own, but she thought about joining me and i said happily yes. So, let's find out how travel-compatible we are.
It's not that i don't want to go with other people, it's just hard to find someone, if all your friends only travel exclusively with BAE. And i am so tired of waiting and not being able to do what i want, just because society keeps telling you: traveling is not a one-women-thing. I am going to proof them wrong.

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