Bali - Campuhan Ridge Walk

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Probably there are thousands of other articles about this place, so you might not want to hear me talking about it again, but anyway here i go. The main reason i am writing about all these travel experiences, is to keep track, remember myself, to evaluate and remind myself of all the amazing things i have seen. I am sometimes so very scared to forget all the nice things i came across while traveling and i feel like writing myself back to the places sometimes.

So... Campuhan Ridge Walk is a really nice walking trail, west of Ubud, that my air bnb host actually showed me on the map and told me to go to. When you drive out of Ubud and you see the bridge, you turn right directly before and walk past by a nice temple. Behind the temple you will find the signs for the start of the trail. It goes up quite steep at the beginning and it takes some energy to go up. So either you go quite early in the morning or in the afternoon, since it's also open area and no sun shelter on the way up. Although i am active and doing a lot of sports, it has been challenging for me as well.

The path is first following a small river and then going up higher in the mountains between fields with high and greenest grasses. If you reach the mountain crest you will find one single palm standing there on its own. It is one of the most famous pictures you will come across for Ubud and Bali. The view is amazing. Although it is not that high, you feel like being on top of the world. Once you are there you can continue walking and it will be a bit easier for a while.
Then there is this steep climb again and you will find a small group of houses where local painters are drawing and selling their arts. If you want to find some unique pieces, you are in the right place.
By the way, you can't drive a scooter up the trail, just in case you might be a bit lazy.
You will be rewarded after a 1h walk, that feels way longer, especially when its hot. There is this very popular place up at the end of the Ridge Walk called Karsa Cafe and Spa.
You can treat yourself in the Spa area or have some nice fresh smoothies and food in one of the small straw huts, that are built in a pool there. Sitting there you are facing some really nice rice terraces again. After a long walk it's definitly nice to feel the cool breeze and relax for a while, because you need to go back as well. I stayed up there for a couple of hours reading my book and enjoying the view. From up there, you can definitly also take a taxi, that will drive you back to the main road, but downwards it's way easier to go and one can embrace once more the beauty of this track.
Take a lot of water with you, you might get sweaty!

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